Can the practice of running barefoot be applied to everyday walking at work?
Lately, I have noticed that my feet are tired after wearing my traditional running shoes at work. I walk on cement floors, and thought cushioned shoes were the best footwear. Researching the question, I found that most experts agree with me.
Then I went for a run. I haven’t been running for at least a month (life is busy, and the weather is cold). Within the first 100m, I could feel the small muscles in my feet stretching. My feet felt better than they have in a long time.
So, perhaps cushioned runners are not the best shoes to be wearing, even at work. I am going to try wearing lighter shoes with a softer sole to work this week. I think that allowing my feet to flex and move with my step may be better for them. As for the hard, cement floors, I may find myself walking on my toes more to reduce the impact.