I have been putting things in order in lists or as long as I have been able to write. That I had the gift of project management became very apparent the summer I was 10. I plotted the family trip halfway across Canada (7 days driving). Every highway, camping site, lunch spot, and rest stop was marked on the map. Consideration was given to the shortest, fastest, most scenic, and the convenience of rest stops and lunch possibilities. I calculated gas consumption and costs, food allowances, and camping costs. And we followed my plans almost exactly!

Since then, I have concentrated on a career in Medical Laboratory Technology. When the opportunity was presented to help write policies and procedures, I jumped at the chance. I discovered that there is nothing more satisfying for me than to take information and put it into a format that is easy to follow. So I began to supplement my education with Technical Communication courses. I am currently only one courses from finishing the certificate.

While continuing to work as a Medical Technologist Supervisor, I am pursuing opportunities in technical writing. My experience has included proofreading fiction, non-fiction, and academic papers. I write web content for a chemistry laboratory. I have also discovered that the ability to read cursive writing is becoming a lost art, and I find my skills used to transcribe documents from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

There are many directions to take technical writing and project management and I am looking forward to the variety.